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Updated: January 1, 2024 by Bill Burniece

The term hockey skateboards began when Anthony Van Engelen said about skaters Donovon Piscopo and John Fitzgerald “If you skate with those dudes, they are so gnarly… it’s kind of brutal, kind of like hockey.” That was on May 18, 2019.

Then boom, a new skateboard term was born.

Then a brand.

FA Skateboards

FA skateboards logo

But let’s go back a bit.

The Hockey Skateboard brand is the sister brand of the original – FA Skateboards. FA stands for Fucking Awesome.

FA came first.

Fucking Awesome, also known as FA World Entertainment, was created in 2001 by the New York-based professional skateboarder Jason Dill with Mike Piscitelli and Anthony Van Engelen.

Prior to FA, Jason Dill was riding and repping the Alien Workshop brand.

Together with Mike and Anthony, they started a really cool new brand in the skateboard world.

A brand that was as creative as it was controversial. They use unique artwork and design elements not found in other brands.

FA Skateboards was born. 

Incidentally, a twist on the Fucking Awesome hockey brand would make a perfect beer league team name.

Who Is Hockey Skateboards?

FA Hockey

In April 2015, the Hockey Skateboards brand was launched.

The Hockey brand, sister of the original FA brand, was the creation of professional skateboarders Jason and Anthony, with an important assist from photographer and filmmaker Benny Magliano.

Jason and Anthony credit Benny with the whole hockey-themed idea and Benny in fact does much of the hockey artwork and visuals used as well.

Fucking Awesome hockey logo

Hockey and FA are promoted via some killer videos that generate a ton of attention and buzz.

FA and Hockey frequently release new videos featuring both skate teams and they are really well done.

The platform has some dope hockey skateboard decks, t-shirts, shorts, fleece, footwear, accessories, and other gear.

FA Hockey has some really awesome partnerships with brands including Vans, Adidas, and Independent Trucks.

14 Things You Didn’t Know About FA Hockey Skateboards

What Makes Hockey Skateboards Stand Apart?

The entire FA Hockey vibe stands out from other brands with a coolness factor off the charts.

The FA Hockey skateboards deck designs often feature some ice hockey visuals and some really off-the-wall shit.  

In short, the Hockey culture is a straightforward, no-bullshit, unassuming approach that focuses all its energy on just raw skateboarding the way it’s supposed to be.

No frills. Being different. Always pushing the limits.

7 Other Hockey Skateboards Related Sites

Listed below are some websites where you can buy FA Hockey skateboards and FA Hockey gear.

1. Dogwood

Dogwood Skate Shop is a skate shop located in Yardley, PA.

They carry cool skateboards, shoes, apparel, and accessories.

Dogwood hockey skateboards logo

Dogwood brands include FA Hockey, Alien Workshop, Bones, Ace, Birdhouse, Anti Hero, Happy Hour, Santa Cruz, Vans, Thrasher, Madness, OJ Wheels, SK8 Mafia, and more.

2. SkateDeluxe

SkateDeluxe has skateboards, footwear, and streetwear.

They started in 2004 and evolved into Europe’s leading skateboard core shop.

A blurb from their website…

Skate Deluxe logo

Hockey is part of the new wave of independent “skater-owned” brands that are on the rise. You’ll probably remember Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen from Alien Workshop.

With the cult brand oscillating between company end, hiatus and new beginning in 2014, the two decided to start their own brands and Fucking Awesome and Hockey were born.”

“Hockey is all about 100% raw skateboarding – no frills – as the edits, the skate team and the skateboard deck designs prove.

With gritty graphics that look like they came straight out of an old horror movie and a lot of attention to detail, Hockey seems to fill a void that other skate brands have been unable to fill.”

3. Black Sheep Skate Shop

Black Sheep Skate Shop is a specialty skateboard shop located in Charlotte, North Carolina started in 2003.

They offer skateboards, shoes, clothing, accessories, and more – including lots of new arrivals.

Black Sheep Skateboards logo

Their brands include FA decks, Vans, Nike, Addidas, Thrasher, Carhartt, Fucking Awesome, Converse, Dime, Levis, Dickies, and more.

4. Slam City Skates

Slam City Skates is based in London, UK.

Slam City Skates carries boards, shoes, clothing, and other gear. They carry over 300 skateboard brands.

Slam City Skates logo

Their brands include Hockey FA boards, Birdhouse, Bones, Death Lens, Chocolate, Footprint, Krooked, Madness, Powell, Venture, Yardsale, Zero Skateboards, and more.

5. Native Skate Shop

Native Skate Shop is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Native skate shop logo

It’s the only specialist ‘skater owned’ Skate Store in Newcastle and surrounding area, and does its best to promote skateboarding by sponsoring local skaters, organizing skate jams and hosting skateboarding video premieres.

They carry Hockey FA boards and gear plus a ton of other top brands.

6. Holistic Skateshop

Holistic Skateshop is based in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Holistic skateshop logo
Holistic Skateshop provides premium skateboard footwear and hardgoods to improve the experience of skateboarders living in the Berks County area.

They carry Hockey boards and gear plus a ton of other in-demand brands.

7. Tiki Room

Tiki Room is a skateboarder-owned, skateboarder-employed skate shop located in hockey hotbed Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Tiki Room logo

Tiki Room carries cool skateboards plus clothing, footwear, and all of the accessories you need.

They have operated under the same ownership since 1996.

If you want to jazz up your skateboard, choose a custom sticker or two.

Hockey Skateboards Summary

Why the hell are you talking about skateboards on a beer league hockey website?”

Two reasons.

Initially, I was curious when I found the term hockey skateboards online. After I learned of its origin, I loved the entire concept.

Two, I was a hardcore skateboarder myself way back in the 1970’s. (Yes, I’m that fucking old).

I was even sponsored.

Proof (me in 1978)  >>>

I love hockey and skateboarding both, and finally had a reason to try to marry the two into a single article.

FA Hockey is a super cool concept. 

Plus, they have some really nice gear if you’re into trying to look young and cool again including:

  • hockey skateboards hats
  • hockey skateboards hoodies
  • hockey skateboards beanies
  • hockey skateboards shirts

Check them out here.

fa hockey image
bill burniece skateboard 1978