174 Funny Beer League Hockey Team Names

Beer league hockey teams and beer league hockey tournament teams are notorious for coming up with team names that are often crude & sophomoric, sometimes filthy and almost always obnoxious.

Hell, that’s half the fun.

The number one rule of beer league hockey is to have fun. 

If you need some help branding or re-branding your crew, check out our list below for ideas.

There is a list for both men’s and women’s beer league teams.


Men’s Beer League Hockey Team Names

Absolute Prust
Ankle Benders
Army Of Artic
Backdoor Bandits
Bad Motherpuckers
Bar Closers
Beer Me
Beer O’Clock
Big Dekes
Big Bad & Bald
Biscuit Snatchers
Blazing Saddles
Body Checkers
Book Hockey
Brawl For One
Busch League
Busch Lightning
Busch Men
Camel Tow
Check Republic
Chicks Dig Big Sticks
Cluster Pucks
Coors Lightning
Cougar Hunter
Crushed Ice
Dads Bods
Dekes of Hazard
Drop Glove Murphys
Drunk And Looking To Score
Dump & Chase
Easton Fection
Fighting Mongoose
Five Minute Majors
Floss N Sauce
Fussy Puckers
Getting Iced
Goals Galore
Good Crosby
Greasy Grinders
Hatrick Swayze’s
Healthy Scratches
Here For Beer
Hip Czechs
Hit Or Miss
Ice Hogs
Ice Holes
Ice Pack
I Got Your Backstrom
I Hate Kale
Jack Dangles
Jurassic Puck
Just The Tip-Ins
Kane Is Able
Kings Of Puck
Lucky Pucks
Master Baiters
Men With Wood
Mid Ice Crisis
Mighty Drunks
Mighty Pucks
Money Shots
Moose Knuckles
Morning Sherwoods
Morning Wood
Mother Puckers
Multiple Scoregasms
Net Sticks and Chill
No Pucks Given
No Regretzkys
Parking Lot People
Peter 4-Burgers
Peter North Stars
Phony Zamboni
Power Playboys
Power Players
Puck Buddies
Puck Daddy
Puck Ninjas
Pucked Up
Pucker Up
Puck My Life
Pucks Deep
Queens Of The Ice Age
Quick With The Stick
Red Army
Ref Riders
Rink Bastards
Rusty Blades
San Jose Sharts
Scared Shotless
Shooting Blanks
Shut Your 5-Hole
Sin Bin City Slickers
Skate Of Play
Skateful Dead
Skate Or Die
Slick Stick Handlers
Slot Rockets
Soft Dump In A Corner
Spankys Gang
Sperm Whales
Spice Boys
Stanley Steamers
Stick Figures
Stick Magnets
Stump Muffins
Swamp Donkeys
Team Tripod
Team Shit
The Eh Team
The Beers
The Flow
The Knuckle Pucks
The Mighty Pucks
The Puckstains
3rd Liners
Toe Dragons
Toothless Trolls
12oz Curls
Ugly Pucklings
Unhealthy Scratch
US Eh?
Usual Suspects
Wheeling Dealers
Whiskey Dekes
Who Needs Teeth
Yesterday’s Allstars
Your Mom
Zamboni Crime Family
Zero Pucks Given

Women’s Beer Hockey League Team Names

Babes On Blades
Chicks With Sticks
Dawn’s Cherries
Final Period
Ice Angels
Naughty On Ice
No Dicks Dekes
Puck Bunnies
Queens Of The Ice Age
She Devils
The Cockblockers
Title 9
The Final Period
The Hookers
Victorious Secret

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