The Awesome Conway And Banks Hockey Bag

Review 2022

I used to think that all hockey bags were alike.

And most still are.

Sure many bags now have newer features including attached wheels so you can roll into the hockey rink like you’re rolling into the airport on your way to Hawaii. On that topic, there are different opinions on whether or not sporting wheels on your hockey bag is cool.

I’ve actually heard guys get chirped (hockey term) for not carrying their bags into the rink. Unbelievable.

But fundamentally, a hockey bag is still a rectangular vessel designed to keep our disgustingly stinky hockey gear in one place as we travel from home to the rink.

If you’ve been playing hockey your entire life, it’s likely that you have gone through a dozen or more hockey bags over the years.

We all deserve a better quality bag that lasts. 

So What’s Different With Conway And Banks?

For starters, this is a hockey bag that was designed by people who know hockey.

All of the little features on this beaut are what sets this bag apart from the rest.

Well thought out details such as a built-in foot mat, a 4-way removable divider, and vents to air out your stinky gear are far beyond old-school bags.

conway and banks hockey bag image

Plus, three different sizes to choose from and a unique upgrade discount if you buy one for your kid who quickly outgrows it.

3 Different Hockey Bag Sizes To Choose From

junior hockey bag

Junior Size

This 29 Gallon (110 L) bag is perfect for youth players and coaches.

senior small hockey bag

Small/Medium Size

This 36 Gallon (137 L) bag is perfect for adult players with small/medium-sized gear.

senior large hockey bag

Large/XL Size

This 50 Gallon (190 L) bag is perfect for adult players with large/XL-sized gear.

This Just In: Conway & Banks now have special bags for coaches (and little kids) that have all the same quality and features as the other 3 bag models listed above.

Conway And Banks Hockey Bags Are Backed By:

  • Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee: If it’s not right for you, simply return the bag in unused condition within 15 days. No re-stocking fees to pay.
  • 180 Day Warranty: Conway & Banks bags are built to last and individually inspected. They back it all up with an industry-leading warranty that other companies won’t match.
  • Upgrade And Save: Save 20% off Senior bags when you upgrade from a Junior C+B bag within 2 years of purchase. 
PolyGlide ice image

Conway & Banks Hockey Bag Features:

  • Locker room floors are disgusting. Keep your feet dry and clean using the bacteria-resistant foot mat.
  • It’s made with ultra-durable tarpaulin which means your hockey bag will last.
  • A bright yellow base helps you actually find shit in your bag.
  • The water-resistant padded base keeps your gear dry.
  • A removable laundry bag for your base layer.
  • Stay organized using the included dividers.
  • Giant U-shape opening for easy access.
  • Giant vents on each side of your bag reduce moisture bacterial build-up
  • Super strong rivets and zippers help make this bag handle your abuse
  • A jersey pocket is accessible when your bag is either opened or closed
  • A comfortable ultra-heavy-duty shoulder strap
  • A dedicated spot for your tape, phone & keys
  • Industry-leading 6 month warranty

Conway & Banks Summary:

Percy Poon, the Founder of Conway And Banks, deserves a lot of credit.

Like most of us, he was going through bags almost as fast as beer leaguers go through cases of beer.

He felt that most big companies spent all of their money and research on making great hockey sticks, not bags. So he took it upon himself to give back to the game he loves by designing a better hockey bag for all of us.

He spoke to dozens of players and coaches to get their feedback on what they would want in a bag and used the best of those ideas to create what you see here today.

You may think, just like I once did, that a hockey bag is just a hockey bag.

Technically it is. Until you tear the damn thing stepping over it in the locker room.

Investing in a rugged, quality hockey bag that will last is well worth the investment.

Now that you have the bag, do you need to find a local beer league to play in?

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