True Hockey Skates Review 2024

Updated: January 13, 2024 by Bill Burniece

In this True Hockey skates review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the features and performance of the line of True Hockey skates so you can decide if it is the right skate for you.


True hockey skates are relatively new to the hockey scene.

The company that makes them, True Temper Sports, has been around as long as CCM and Bauer, but for most of their history, they focused on other sports.

Even though True hockey skates are the new skates on the market, they offer custom-fit options not found anywhere else.

Who Is True Temper Sports?

True Temper Sports has been around for over 100 years now.

True Temper Sports prides itself on being ‘built by artisans and craftsmen passing down time-honored traditions’. Thus, their company identity is symbolized by two hammers.

true temper sports logo
true temper sports the hammers logo

In addition to making excellent hockey equipment today, they also produce golf and lacrosse gear, sports apparel, and more.

True Temper Sports is committed to infusing high-tech into its equipment combined with a determination to be #1 in everything that they do.

They have:

  • 40+ engineers on staff
  • 51 patents with 3 more patents pending
  • 265 trademarks registered

 Best True Hockey Skate Models

True TF9 Hockey Skates

True TF9 Hockey Skates

The True TF9 Senior Ice Hockey Skates are the result of thousands of foot scans and hundreds of hours of development to get as close to a custom skate fit as possible, in a completely stock hockey yskate.

The True TF9 shell uses ‘TRUESHELL’ tech, their proprietary co-molded carbon fiber and thermoplastic one-piece shell creates a thermoformed boot.

This provides a high level of protection and performance while staying ultra-lightweight.

Moving down the boot the TRUESHELL tech wraps the toe box providing superior protection while eliminating any weak points around high impact areas.

True HZRDUS 9X Hockey Skates

True HZRDUS 9X Hockey Skates

The True HZRDUS 9X Skates have a cutting-edge design that combines lightweight construction with exceptional strength.

The result is a skate that offers optimal energy transfer and explosive acceleration, allowing you to reach top speeds faster.

The precision-crafted Neurofit+ one-piece shell design delivers outstanding support and stability, ensuring that every stride is efficient and powerful with more direct energy transfer.

Comfort is a top priority with the True HZRDUS 9X Skates. This is true with all True hockey skates, but especially with the HZRDUS 9X. These things are just plain plush. 

True Catalyst 9 Hockey Skates

True Catalyst 9 Hockey Skates

The True Catalyst 9 Senior Ice Hockey Skates uses NEUROFIT+, which combines an innovative one-piece shell design with thermoformable materials to further enhance the neuromuscular connection to the ice, giving you better response and control.

TRUESHELL tech, their proprietary co-molded carbon fiber and thermoplastic one-piece shell create a thermoformed boot. This provides a high level of protection and performance while staying super-lightweight.

The ‘CARV’ toe cap is extremely light, allowing for a more aggressive cutting angle resulting in quicker turns in transition without losing an edge.

True Hockey Skates Sizing App

True Skates Vs Bauer

Bauer and True are competitors in the hockey skate industry along with CCM skates and others.

1. Brand History and Overall Reputation:

Bauer: One of the oldest and most respected brands in the hockey equipment world. Bauer has been in the business since the 1920s and has a long-earned reputation for quality. They’ve consistently been a top choice among both professional and recreational players.

True: Getting their start primarily for their custom-fit golf clubs, True entered the hockey market and quickly made a name for themselves with super high-quality, custom-fit skates. Their reputation in hockey is newer than Bauer’s, but they’ve made significant progress in a short period, especially with their custom-fit approach.

2. Customization:

Bauer: They have introduced custom fitting solutions in their higher-end models, but nothing to the extent True has.

True: Their unique selling proposition has often been their custom-fit skates. Every pair can be tailored precisely to a player’s foot, offering unparalleled fit, comfort, and performance benefits.

3. Technology:

Bauer: Being in the market for as long as they have, Bauer has introduced many technological innovations in their hockey skates over the decades. Their skates feature advanced materials, proprietary blade and holder systems, and comfort enhancements.

True: While they’ve introduced innovative tech in their skates, much of their focus has been on the customization process and ensuring a precise fit. Their most important tech advancement was to use 3D scanning technology to get an exact mold of a player’s foot. This was a game-changer.

4. Price:

Bauer: Their skates range in price, with entry-level models being relatively affordable and elite models at a premium price. Overall, Bauer’s pricing is in line with most of their competitors.  

True: Given the custom nature of their skates, True’s offerings tend to be priced higher than Bauers. However, most players feel the extra investment is worth it for the custom fit.

5. Player Adoption:

Bauer: Widely adopted across all levels of hockey, from youth and beer leagues all the way to the NHL.

True: Gaining traction, especially among players who desire a custom skate fit. You will find several NHL players using True skates today.

6. Fit and Feel:

Bauer: Offers various fit profiles (e.g., Vapor, Supreme, Nexus) to cater to different foot shapes and player preferences.

True: This is where True shines with a custom fit and feel tailored to each individual player.

In conclusion, both Bauer and True have their merits.

Bauer’s long history and extensive range make it a go-to choice for many players. In contrast, True’s emphasis on custom fitting has garnered a dedicated following, especially among those who’ve struggled with fit issues in other skate brands.

Other True Hockey Gear

In addition to their hockey skates, True also makes other hockey equipment

True Goalie Gear: Including goalie skates, sticks, stock & custom goalie pads, and goalie accessories.

True Player Gear: Including skate accessories, sticks, shafts & blades, gloves, hockey equipment bags, and accessories.

Wrapping It Up

If fit and comfort is the single most important factor in your own hockey skates, and you have the money to invest in high-end custom skates, True is the right choice for you.

Thanks for reading my True skates review.

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