CCM Skates Review 2024

Updated: January 12, 2024 by Bill Burniece

In this CCM skates review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the features and performance of the line of CCM hockey skates so you can decide if it is the right hockey skate for you.


If you play hockey you instantly recognize the CCM brand when you see it.

CCM’s current motto is “hockey is who we are” and they certainly back that up with their top-quality hockey products.

I have personally worn CCM ice skates, and many other CCM products, for over 50 years now.

I feel I am as qualified as anyone to express my opinion on CCM skates and other CCM products.

Does CCM make the best hockey skates?

Who Is CCM?

You may be surprised to learn that CCM stands for Canadian Cycle & Motor Company.

CCM is a Canadian company that was founded way back in 1899.

In addition to making excellent hockey equipment today, they also produce bicycles and other sporting equipment.

CCM vintage logo

In the early 20th century, CCM was one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. What you probably don’t know is that CCM also produced both cars and motorcycles at one point.

In the 1920s, CCM began to focus more on the production of ice hockey equipment, and by the mid-20th century, had become one of the leading manufacturers of ice hockey skates and sticks in the world.

In 2007, Reebok purchased CCM and now operates under the name CCM Hockey.

My CCM Hockey Skates

In 1972, when I was 7 years old, my father bought me my first pair of hockey skates.

They were CCM Super Tacks.

But not like the CCM ice skates of today. Mine had leather uppers and a one-piece steel skate blade set up that attached directly to the boot. The skates were heavy and stiff. There weren’t exactly the best hockey skates.

But that’s where skate technology was at that point in time.

Today’s CCM skates are made from a high-tech composite material that is super light yet flexible. Their one-piece construction skate boot delivers both comfort and energy efficiency in each skating stride.

my vintage CCM skates

Look at these CCM dinosaurs

CCM Skate Models

CCM Ribcor skates

CCM Ribcor Skates

The CCM Ribcor 100K Pro Hockey Skate was engineered to deliver high performance and agility.

Like the Jetspeed FT4, you will get more direct energy transfer and a closer fit for improved agility, comfort, and faster strides.

The CCM Ribcor is made from an NHL-caliber lightweight composite material that has a flexible structure. The flexible core offers a comfortable fit and enhanced biomechanics that you will feel with every stride.

CCM Jetspeed skates

CCM Jetspeed Skates

The CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Hockey Skate features their highly-advanced CCM one-piece boot Speed technology.

The FT4, and its one-piece boot core, is designed to help you generate a higher energy transfer that creates faster strides. And it works too. This skate boot is built for pure acceleration.

The Jetspeed FT4 also has CCM’s replaceable XS metatomic tongue that is engineered to fit the exact shape of your foot.

CCM Tacks skates

CCM Tacks Skates

The CCM Super Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Skate also features CCM’s exclusive one-piece boot power technology that delivers more efficient energy transfer and a snug fit.

The skate has a carbon construction designed for strength and power while being extremely lightweight. The PowerFlex tendon allows you to enjoy an increased range of motion and fuller strides.

The Tacks XS Metatomic tongue has embedded D30 smart material for max comfort.


CCM Ribcore is all about Agility


CCM Jetspeed is all about Speed


CCM Tacks is all about Acceleration

Skate Stiffness Profile

ccm skates stiffness chart

Ribcore Stiffness

CCM Ribcore skates use a Comfortframe technology that provides a regular stiffness profile.

The Comfortframe was designed to adapt quickly to each of your movements which translates into improved agility on the ice.

It also allows the softest and most comfortable fit.

Jetspeed Stiffness

CCM Jetspeed skates use a Rocketframe technology that wraps around your foot to provide a uniform, stiff structure.

The Rocketframe is lightweight and designed to help you generate maximum speed.

It allows a comfortable but tighter fit.

Tacks Stiffness

CCM Tacks skates use an Attackframe technology that provides extra stiff reinforcements.

The Attackframe was designed to produce a high energy transfer from your foot directly to the ice to help you generate maximum acceleration.

It allows a comfortable but snug fit.

CCM Hockey: The Best Skates

CCM Youth Hockey Skates

CCM youth hockey skates are basically the Jetspeed design modified to meet the needs of young hockey players.

This unique skate model is engineered to provide all of the features needed to prepare young feet for the specificities of the game.

CCM youth hockey skates come equipped with two types of skate blades that can be quickly swapped depending on your kids’ needs:

  • One helps your child learn stability on the ice to help build their confidence
  • The other is a performance skate blade that they can move to once they’ve mastered the basics of ice skating
CCM youth hockey skates

These youth skates use many of the same advances in technology as the CMM adult collection of skates – including a 3D-injected boot for maximized comfort and a brushed microfiber liner for comfortable, moisture-wicking performance.

CCM Vs Bauer

CCM and Bauer are the two largest players in the hockey industry.

When it comes to hockey skates, they have a fierce rivalry that goes back decades.

CCM is based in hockey heaven Canada, while Bauer is headquartered in the US. Interestingly, Bauer was once owned by Nike.

Although I have primarily used CCM Tacks my entire life, I did skate on Bauer Supremes for a few seasons too.

The great skate debate is always this… which hockey skate is better? CCM or Bauer?

Here’s the thing…

In my experience, there is no clear answer to this question. They both offer some of the finest hockey skates in the world.

  • CCM has Ribcor. Bauer has Vapor.
  • CCM has Jetspeed. Bauer has Supreme.
  • CCM has Tacks. Bauer has Nexus.

I could blabber on and on about which skate is lighter, which skate is more comfortable, which skate lasts longer, and which skate allows you to skate faster.

Blah, blah, blah.

I could also post endless side-by-side comparison charts showing features, benefits, and specs.

I could also publish user reviews on CCM and Bauer skates showing you a million different opinions.

Finally, I could post current price comparisons of Bauer vs CCM skates. But those prices fluctuate constantly so the information would be unreliable. Besides, CCM and Bauer skate pricing is in the same ballpark anyways.

So I won’t do any of that. I believe it’s up to you to decide which skate is right. For you. 

Me? I’m a CCM Tack guy. But that’s me.

So what’s the ruling?

  • CCM vs Bauer?
  • Bauer vs CCM?

Well, I find both brands have a lot to offer and you can’t go wrong by rocking either one.

CCM Ice Skates Q&A

Are CCM Inline Skates A Part Of The CCM Product Line?

Yes. CCM does make inline skates also referred to as CCM roller hockey skates. They make three different models of CCM Inline Skates that use the Super Tacks boot model.

Does CCM Make Custom Skates?

Yes. CCM custom skates use the CCM 3D Fit Scanner that scans the entire 360-degree view of foot data that is needed to provide the exact fit that custom skates provide.

The CCM pro skate factory takes that 3D scan and uses it to create the CCM custom skates that conform to the player’s foot mold.

Wrapping It Up

I admit that I am a CCM skates fan.

I have tried a few other brands of skates including Bauer and the late Easton brand.

But I always go back to CCM because I believe they make the best hockey skates.

There are good reasons why CCM are the skates of choice worn by NHL star players such as:

  • Auston Matthew – Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Brad Marchand – Boston Bruins
  • Connor McDavid – Edmonton Oilers
  • Mark Stone – Vegas Golden Knights
  • Mitch Marner – Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Nathan MacKinnon – Colorado Avalanche
  • Nazem Kadri – Calgary Flames
  • Ryan O’Reilly – St. Louis Blues

Thanks for reading my CCM skates review.

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