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Updated: February 4, 2024 by Bill Burniece

MYHockey ( is a really cool resource website that ranks hockey teams in divisions including Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midget (U16 – U18), High School, Juniors, College, and Girls Leagues.

But the website upsets a lot of hockey parents. We’ll explain why.

What Is The My Hockey Rankings Platform?

The MYHockey Rankings website was started as a way for fans of youth hockey to spread their love of the game.

It started simply as a resource website allowing visitors to locate teams and clubs and assist in scheduling games.

As the site evolved over a period of nearly 20 years, they began to accumulate information about each team – including records, stats, and competitors. A pattern emerged that showed that a team’s record was not necessarily an indicator of their strength. There were other factors at play.

They formulated a team rating and ranking system they named MYHockey Rankings.

This system has evolved into a tool that is invaluable to youth hockey coaches, owners, managers, players, and of course the fans.

Here is a screenshot of the hockey rankings data that you’ll find on this awesome site:

MYHockey rankings screenshot

MyHockeyRankings Controversies has been controversial over the years for several 4 reasons including:

  1. The Accuracy Of Its Rankings: The accuracy of their rankings has been questioned by many in our hockey community. Some have criticized the rankings for being biased and not taking into account all relevant factors such as the strength of the schedule, the margin of victory, or the quality of opponents faced.
  2. Transparency: Some critics have also questioned the clarity of the rankings, as the exact formula and criteria used to determine team rankings are not publicly disclosed. Also because they rely on ‘volunteers’ to report scores which leads to inconsistency. This has led to accusations that the rankings listed on the site are arbitrary and subject to easy manipulation.
  3. Potential Negative Impact On Youth Hockey: The rankings have also been criticized for their potential negative impact on youth hockey. Critics argue that the rankings place too much emphasis on winning and losing, which can lead to an overemphasis on winning at the expense of player development and their enjoyment of the game.
  4. Use of Private Data: Finally, the website has been accused of collecting and using the personal data of youth hockey players without the knowledge or consent of their parents, which obviously raises privacy concerns.

In summary, the controversial nature of stems from issues regarding the accuracy, transparency, and potential negative impact of its rankings on youth hockey.

Then this happened…

My Hockey Rankings No Longer Rates 11-And-Under Teams

May 2022: As reported in the New York Times, MYHockey Rankings recently changed their policy and no longer ranks youth hockey teams aged 11 and under.

MYHockey Rankings founder, Neil Lodin, was quoted about the policy change decision:

“Youth sports have become a rat race to the top amongst parents, coaches and clubs,” Lodin wrote. “There is this ‘If you aren’t keeping up with the Joneses, do you even love your kid?’ mentality out there.

“The youth hockey community isn’t immune from these issues,” his message stated. “And let’s be honest, rankings are a contributing factor when they’re used in a negative and exclusionary manner instead of as a coaching tool and scheduling resource.”

This decision is bound to create an avalanche of discussion from both sides of the issue.

What Other Information Does My Hockey Rankings Provide?

The MYHockey website also provides a ton of information on:
  • News
  • Associations
  • Leagues
  • Report Scores
  • Tournaments
  • Rinks
  • Game Rules
  • FAQ’s
  • Membership Options
  • Links To Message Boards

My Hockey Rankings FAQ

Q: Why does My Hockey Rankings offer this resource?

A: MYHockey was initially created to share the site’s creators’ love of youth hockey with others. Also as a project to share links among the various associations and leagues. Over time, MYHockey emerged as a valuable tool to help youth hockey fans, coaches, and managers learn more about the greatest sport in the world.

Q: How does MyHockey Rankings calculate their ratings?

A: The My Hockey ratings are all calculated mathematically, with no subjective human-driven values or opinions added.

The Formula:

MYHockey rates teams based on how well they play against other teams and the strength of those teams.

These two factors are “AGD” or “average goal differential” and “SCHED” or “strength of schedule”. AGD is currently calculated by accumulating the goal differential of each game, to a maximum of 7, and dividing it by the total number of games played.

Using a max game goal differential of 7 does “penalize” teams that blow out opponents. But this is common in rating systems as it takes away the incentive for teams to run up scores and allows them to have a bad game by capping the mathematical damage done.

The strength of the schedule is computed by averaging the rating of each game opponent. AGD and SCHED are added together to compute a team’s rating.

Q: What other hockey ratings sites are out there?

A: There are several hockey ratings sites including:

NHL Hockey Standings

D1 Men’s Ice Hockey Rankings – USCHO

CBS Sports NHL Hockey Standings

FIH Outdoor World Hockey Rankings

ESPN NHL Standings

International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF

How To Check My Rankings:

MYHockey News

MyHockey has a regularly updated news page that is a valuable resource on everything happening in the hockey world.

The news topics range from youth hockey leagues and camps to the pros and everything in between:

myhockey news image

My Hockey Rankings Forums

The My Hockey Rankings platform also has a listing of hockey forums links.

These are not My Hockey Rankings forums. They are not directly affiliated with any of these forum websites.

If you like trainwrecks, you’ll find plenty of them in these forums.

Personally, I have no time for that crap.


My Hockey Rankings offers a unique platform for all things youth hockey.

It’s a goldmine of a resource for players, parents, coaches, fans, and everyone else who loves and enjoys the great sport of ice hockey.

But, it can also rankle some people who take it too seriously.

Go visit and see for yourself.

Here is our editorial review process for our platform.

Here are more hockey blogs and websites for you to check out.