Beer League Hockey Blogs & Websites

Updated: January 17, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Cool Beer League Hockey Blogs & Sites


BLPA, or the Beer League Player Association, is an awesome community of beer league hockey players that you should be a part of.
BLPA image
They have a FaceBook Group with more than 20,000 members.

As a part of the BLPA FaceBook Group, you’ll be able to get your daily dose of hockey humor, news, and banter.

There’s a decent chance you’ll know some other hockey-playing friends that are in the group.

Their primary website lists resources including beer league blogs, podcasts, tournaments and shows.

And the BLPA also has some cool branded swag.

2. Hockey Players Club

Hockey Players Club is a nice beer league hockey resource site offering an active forum, blog, FaceBook page and store.

It was started by a couple of ex-college players, who are now living out the rest of their hockey existence in the wonderful world of beer league hockey.

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If you are looking for some killer deals on hockey tape, this is the place to shop.

3. CrossIce Hockey

CrossIce Hockey is another nice beer-league-related website dedicated to the more politically correct term of ‘recreational’ hockey.
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As their website states: “Our goal is to provide both adult hockey players and youth hockey players—including coaches and refs—with helpful tips and information on everything from fitness and nutrition, to pre-game, in-game, and post-game strategies.

Whether you’re a goalie or a skater (or the parent of one), provides a wealth of useful information for hockey players of all ages.”

4. Hockey Finder

Hockey Finder is a website based in hockey-hungry Minnesota. Their free platform is a great resource for finding:

  • Beer Hockey Leagues
  • Drop-In Hockey Games
  • Hockey Tournaments
hockey finder image
Hockey Finder allows you to easily find drop-in hockey sessions, plus adult beer leagues, hockey clinics, and tournaments.

It has a really cool feature in that you can click on your state on the map graphic page and instantly find a ton of resources. It’s important to mention that their website is a work in progress so some states are more built-out than others at this point but it’s still a great platform and resource.

5. Beer League Talk

Beer League Talk is a website listing beer league hockey podcasts. It’s “a place for adult “athletes” to gather and talk about the greatest sport in the world!”

They also have an active FaceBook page with around 10,000 followers.

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The FaceBook page covers beer league hockey and also everything going on in the world of ice hockey.

6. Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports is an enormous site that covers all sports and pop-culture.

Founder David Portnoy has described the website’s content as “sports/smut.” The site contains a mixture of podcasts, blogs, and video series featuring company staff in what has been described as “a sort of online reality show”. It’s a really cool site.

barstool sports image
Barstool is responsible for producing the hockey podcast beauty: Spittin’ Chiclets.

If that’s not enough, they also have a nice topic page on beer league hockey.

On this topic page are videos that cover amazing and bizarre happenings in the world of beer league hockey.

7. The Beer League Tribune

The Beer League Tribune Blog is a nice blog that shares tips, insights, and stories about all things beer league hockey.
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The site has a lot of resources on hockey equipment, plus reviews and articles.

They also have social media channels to keep you up to date.

8. Reddit/r/hockeyplayers

Reddit is a massive website that is broken down into micro-topics is one such-topic “where hockey players come to share tips, advice, highlights or just to rant.”

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This page is a great place to get your beer league hockey humor fix for the day.

9. My Hockey Rankings

My Hockey Rankings is a nice blog that shares tips, insights, and stories about all things beer league hockey.

My Hockey Rankings, aka MYHockey, is a really large resource site that ranks hockey teams in divisions including Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, Midgets, High School, Juniors, College, and Girls Leagues.

my hockey rankings image
It has a ton of resources on everything related to youth hockey. It’s not beer league hockey, but lots of beer league dads have youth players.

I have an entire page dedicated to this website here: My Hockey Rankings.

10. HockeyBuzz

HockeyBuzz is the hockey blog of the anonymous and ever-mysterious person named Eklund.

“Eklund is an anonymous pseudonym. He exploded onto the hockey scene during the NHL lockout when he created a blog at which was considered one of the prime sources for insider news and rumors regarding the ongoing labor negotiations.”

hockeybuzz image
“He has since appeared on dozens of radio and TV shows in cities across North America including the Jim Rome Show, Fan590 in Toronto, Team1200 in Ottawa, Team900 in Montreal, and Fan960 in Calgary.”

11. The Fourth Period

The Fourth Period is a hockey blog that was started back in 1999.

It provides hockey fans with news, rumors, trade analysis, and hockey lifestyle stories. It covers both the NHL and world junior leagues.

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12. Da Beauty League

Da Beauty League plays in hockey-rich Edina, Minnesota – home of the ‘cake eaters’.  It is where pro and minor league players and prospects go to play summer beer league hockey.

You can stream these high-level games and purchase some beautiful merch too.

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13. Feedspot

Feedspot is a really nice content reader. It helps you keep up with multiple websites in one place without having to visit each one. recently made the list of their Top 70 Hockey Blogs. Thanks boys.

Feedspot logo image

14. West Denver Hockey League

West Denver Hockey League offers Coloradans a unique league format with teams selected via a draft process.

The WDHL continues the SDOHL tradition and is a non-profit business formed to provide a recreational hockey experience for adults based on age criteria rather than skill level. The League is dedicated to providing a competitive yet social experience.

west denver hockey league logo image

15. BarDown

BarDown is powered by, which features a combination of viral sports stories, and fun, informative original stories and videos that draw from a variety of influences from around the web and the world of pop culture – including hockey.

BarDown’s content is designed to give the audience access inside the world of sports in a way nobody else in Canada can.

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16. The Hockey Writers

The Hockey Writers was founded back in 2009.

It is a great blog for news and information on everything hockey-related. Updated hourly, with analysis, commentary, and features from hundreds of writers worldwide, their articles are read over 5 million times each month.

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17. Hockey World Blog

Hockey World Blog was started by four friends who love hockey.

They love hockey so much that they decided to start a blog where they could weigh in on the latest news and rumors and interact with other hockey fans on subject matters related to all things hockey.

Hockey World Blog discusses the latest in hockey gear and equipment, including sneak peeks at new equipment from some of your favorite manufacturers that may not be available anywhere else.

And much more. 

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