Hockey Neck Guard Review 2024

Updated: January 2, 2024 by Bill Burniece

On this page we’ll examine the benefits and costs of a wearing a hockey neck guard.

Getting nicked in the neck by a skate blade is extremely rare but it can happen and the blades we glide on are hard, razor-sharp, and unforgiving.

We will also take an in-depth look at the safety features and performance of the top-rated hockey neck guards so you can make a decision on which one is right for you.


Hockey is a beautiful game. But it can also be dangerous in rare circumstances.

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Unfortunately, one of those circumstances happened recently.

And it was a worst case scenario.

Adam Johnson, a former NHL forward for the Pittsburgh Penguins, died after his neck was cut by another player’s skate during a game in Sheffield, England.

The fatal collision, viewed as a “freak accident”, happened midway through the second period of an Elite Ice Hockey League game between Johnson’s Nottingham Panthers and the Sheffield Steelers.

The video replay footage showed an opposing player’s skate strike Johnson in the neck following a collision with another player. What followed was a chaotic scene that prompted officials to empty the arena as medical personnel raced to respond.

Johnson was taken to a local hospital and later pronounced dead, the South Yorkshire Police said. He was only 29 years old.

Player Hockey Neck Guard – 2 Types

Player hockey neck guards aren’t new.

They have been around for many years now in two different forms:

  • Hockey Neck Guard: This type of neck guard is more or less a stand-alone collar that is made out of cut-resistance material such as Kevlar
  • Hockey Neck Guard Shirt: This neck guard is very similar but attached to a hockey under-shirt that goes beneath a jersey

 Best Hockey Neck Guard Adult Models

CCM 900 Cut Resistant Neck Guard Sr image

CCM 900 Cut Resistant Neck Guard

The The CCM 900 Cut Resistant Neck Guard features a soft two-piece construction that is comfortable and flexible. #1 Rated

The soft interior liner prevents skin irritation, and the stretch velcro strap makes it easy for players to customize the best fit. The CCM 900 offers BNQ-Certified Protection.

• BNQ-Certified Technology
• Soft two-piece construction
• Cut-resistant material
• Stretch velcro strap

Bauer NG NLP21 Premium Neckguard Sr image

Bauer NG NLP21 Premium Neckguard

The Bauer NG NLP21 Premium Neckguard is thin, lightweight, and adjustable for player comfort. It features HeiQ Fresh Technology preventing odor-causing bacteria and is constructed with DuPont KEVLAR brand fibers for cut resistant protection.

• Dupont KEVLAR brand fibers
• BNQ-CE and UKCA-certified neck laceration protection
• HeiQ Fresh technology prevents odor-causing bacteria
• Easy-close adjustable collar for customized fit and comfort

CCM 600 Cut Resistant Neck Guard Sr image

CCM 600 Cut Resistant Neck Guard Sr

The CCM 600 Cut Resistant Neck Guard features an arched shape design that is a comfortable fit that contours the neck.

The 1680D polyester and foam helps prevent lacerations. It has a soft interior loner that prevents skin irritation, and a velcro strap to help players find a comfortable fit.

• BNQ-Certified Technology
• Arched shape design
• 1680D polyester and foam material
• Velcro strap

 Best Hockey Neck Guard Youth Models

The three neck guards listed above also come in youth sizes. Please click the buttons above to compare prices.

There is an additional brand of ice hockey neck guard for youths by WINNWELL. The WINNWELL Neck Guard Premium Collar is thin, lightweight, and adjustable for player comfort. It delivers both BNQ and CE certified neck protection.

You can learn more about the WINNWELL brand youth neck guard by clicking here.

WINNWELL Neck Guard Premium Collar Yth image

 Best Hockey Neck Guard Shirts

If you are more interested in a hockey neck guard shirt, than a stand-alone neck guard ‘collar’ then I recommend Hockey Monkey.

They have ice hockey neck guard shirts by:

  • Bauer
  • CCM
  • Warrior
  • Blue Sports
  • Vaughn

Hockey Monkey has a nice selection of both adult and youth hockey neck guard shirts and collars. You can shop them by type and brand by clicking here.

Bauer hockey neck guard shirt image

Real Life Case Study Of How It Saved A Young Life

Pros And Cons Of Neck Guard Hockey Gear


  1. Hockey neck guards can feel cumbersome. If you have never worn one before it will take some getting used to. They can feel restrictive, cause itching, and additional sweating.
  2. Potential interference with other equipment. In some cases, the neck guard may ‘catch’ on other pieces of equipment such as helmets and shoulder pads, which can be distracting during play.
  3. Neck guards can offer a false sense of security. The truth is that even neck guards done guarantee you are safe from a neck injury while on the ice.
  4. The overkill factor. The truth is that in hockey, like other fast physical sports, there is always risk. Some players might feel that neck guards really aren’t necessary since these types of injuries are so rare. Other players may not think they look “cool” while having to wear one. This is especially true for many of us old traditional beer league players who have played for decades without one.


  • A hockey neck guard can save your life. Period.
  • Protection from other mishaps: I for one have suffered a laceration to the neck from a high stick before. Neck guards can protect a player’s neck from potential cuts and lacerations caused by sticks, skate blades, and anything else.
  • Added confidence. Knowing your neck has some protection can help you feel more confident and less apprehensive on the ice.
  • They may become mandatory in some leagues. Many youth hockey leagues make it mandatory for players to wear neck guards. And now because of the latest incident, some professional leagues are adopting them into the rules as well.
  • The tech is making them more comfortable. High-tech light and comfortable materials such as KEVLAR are making neck guards more comfortable and easier to wear without sacrificing safety.

Hockey Goalie Neck Guard

Hockey goalie neck guards, also called goalie throat guards, have been around for decades.

Goalies are obviously at a much higher risk of getting a skate, stick, or puck in the throat area. 

You can find a nice selection of goalie throat guards located here

Wrapping It Up

I grew up playing youth hockey in the early 1970’s in Minnesota.

Back then, we wore leather skates and equipment that was heavy and cumbersome compared to today’s gear.

We also didn’t wear any facial protection back then. That all changed as we approached the late 1970’s and leagues started mandating facial protection in the form or a mask or shield (visor).

I think the neck guard may be the next piece of equipment that will be mandated for kids and worked up the league chains.

Times change and gear evolves.

When someone dies on the ice, perhaps change is needed.

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