Best Hockey Stick Choices For 2024

December 14, 2023 by Bill Burniece
Hockey sticks have come a long ways from the days of heavy, stiff wooden ones that us old guys used to wield.

With high tech has come high prices too.

On this page we’ll examine the best sticks for your hard-earned bucks.

Best Hockey Stick For High Rollers $300+

1. CCM FT Ghost Hockey Stick

If you have money to burn and want the very best try out this bad boy.

The CCM FT Ghost uses CCM’s most high-tech composite materials in its construction resulting in a hybrid kick-point that puts some extra zing on your shots. Plus it looks bad-ass.

The Details and Specs:

  • Stick Weight: 365G
  • Kick-Point: Hybrid Kick-Point | Creates a hinge-like effect that combines fast speed and rapid response
  • Shaft Geometry: Pro Only “C” Geometry that delivers control and handling
  • Stick Blade: X-Soft Pro Blade for former control and feel
  • Stick Cost: $350+ (hey, it’s only money)

2. True Project X Hockey Stick

The True Project X stick is a close second to the CCM Ghost.

I have to include the Project X here because it is similar to the Ghost, but even lighter.

The technology used in this stick includes words like ‘Resflo’, ‘Avenic’, and ‘SRT’. I can describe those termst to you but that would be boring. The bottom line is that this is a light, strong, super-stick that can even help beer leaguers generate more torque.

The Details and Specs:

  • Stick Weight: 335G
  • Kick-Point: Quick release with optimized low-kick point
  • Shaft Geometry: Rib placements in the stick shaft provides perfect balance and strength without sacrificing flex
  • Stick Blade: Matte blade for more accuracy and power
  • Stick Cost: $350+ (C’mon, you’ve go this)

Best Hockey Stick For $200 – $300

1. CCM Ribcor Trigger 7 Hockey Stick

The CCM Ribcor 7 hockey stick is regarded as the best low-kick stick in the market.

The New CCM Trigger 7 Pro has a better balance point and weighs less than the older model which delivers an ultra-quick release.

The Details and Specs:

  • Stick Weight: 415G
  • Kick-Point: Highly optimized low-kick point that gives you more pop on your shot
  • Shaft Geometry: Ergonomic “E” geometry that is designed to offer a seamless energy transfer to maximize your speed of release
  • Stick Blade: Agility Blade 2 with Peel-Ply
  • Stick Cost: $225+ 

2. Bauer Vapor HyperLite Grip Hockey Stick

I haven’t owned a Bauer Vapor HyperLite Grip stick, but had a teammate who rocked one so I was able to steal a shift or two using it.

It’s insanely light, has a good feel to it, and a great release point.

It features XE taper technology, HyperCore blade core (55 flex and above only).

The Details and Specs:

  • Stick Weight: 385G
  • Kick-Point: Low-to-mid kick point
  • Shaft Geometry: Asymmetrical TeXtreme® constructed shaft
  • Stick Blade: HyperCore blade core
  • Stick Cost: $250+

Best Hockey Stick For $100 – $200

1. Bauer Vapor X4 Hockey Stick

In my opinion, the Bauer Vapor X4 is the best high-performance stick for under $200

The Details and Specs:

  • Stick Weight: 425G
  • Kick-Point: Low kick UD carbon construction and HP mold
  • Shaft Geometry: 15K carbon 
  • Stick Blade: Energy core 2, 15K carbon construction
  • Stick Cost: $150+ 

2. EASTON Yellow Synergy Hockey Stick

The EASTON Yellow Synergy is a great stick if you don’t mind the lame yellow-golf-ball colored shaft. Then again, this stick does have some history with it being brought back not once but twice. 

I guess you can always scrape the paint off if you don’t like it.

Just a shade under $200, the latest EASTON Yellow Synergy uses updated materials so if you liked the old model, you’ll love this new one.

The Details and Specs:

  • Stick Weight: 425G
  • Kick-Point: Standard kick with optimized balance
  • Shaft Geometry: Square shaft with rounded corners
  • Stick Blade: 3K weave construction
  • Stick Cost: Around $199

3. CCM Jetspeed FT670 Hockey Stick

The CCM Jetspeed FT670 is a mid-performance stick that is a great buy for the beer leaguer who doesn’t need a $300 stick.

This stick will give you enough performance and will last longer than most giving you a good ROI on your stick purchase.

The Details and Specs:

  • Stick Weight: 450G
  • Kick-Point: Hyrid kickpoint with a hinge effect
  • Shaft Geometry: Round R geo design with rounded corners and concave sides
  • Stick Blade: JS4 blade with Peel-Ply construction
  • Stick Cost: Usually under $150

Best Hockey Stick For Under $100

1. All Black Hockey Sticks

I was highly skeptical when I first heard about the All Black Hockey Sticks brand.

After all, a custom composite stick for under $100? 


I bought my first one 6 years ago and I still have it. In complete transparency I only use it as my backup stick now. But I used it for 6 seasons before I demoted it to back up and it’s still in decent shape.

They make high quality hockey sticks constructed with 100% low-weight carbon fiber. They are literally all-black with no branding decals whatsoever.

These sticks are like getting a generic version of CCM, Bauer, True, and other sticks.

All Black Hockey Sticks is owned and operated by people that play hockey and love it like we all do.

The Details and Specs:

This is the good part. You get to build your own stick the way you want.

Choose Your Stick Type:

  • Senior Hockey Stick
  • Senior Tall Hockey Stick
  • Intermediate Hockey Stick
  • Junior Hockey Stick
  • Mini Junior Hockey Stick
  • Goalie Stick
  • Right Hand Goalie Stick

Then Build Your Stick:

  • Blade – choose your curve bend, style, and type
  • Hand – right or left
  • Grip – grip texture or matte
  • Flex – choose your flex from 71-100
all black hockey sticks logo

Let’s Wrap It Up

This list of the best hockey stick choices is clearly subjective.

I haven’t tried every brand or stick in the market.

Thus, I’m sure I have missed a few of your favorite hockey stick buys.

Please let me know any others that should be on this list.