The Best Practices When Organizing a Beer League Tournament

Updated: July 1, 2024 by Bill Burniece

Beer League hockey is as popular now as it ever has been with people who love playing the sport in their spare time and love drinking beer too. While pro leagues like the NHL might be a distant dream for people in leagues like this now, beer league matches enable them to keep hockey close to their hearts. It’s also a great way to get out of the house, get some exercise in and drink some brews with your buddies!

Tournaments can be especially popular with Beer League players and give people the chance to play lots of hockey over a few days — while also making some new friends. If you like organizing events, then putting on your own tournament might seem like a smart move. Here are some of the best practices you should be aware of when taking on this task:

Consider The Essentials

It’s going to be hard to play your Beer League tournament if you forget to book a rink. Or officials. Or ask for entry fees from the teams taking part in it. The very first step should be to think about where your event will be held, the dates it will run and book a rink to host it. You should also write out a plan for all the other essentials you need to cover to stage the tournament and check them off as you go.

Finding a venue for the tournament which has a strong Wi-Fi connection should certainly be on your list. This means players can keep themselves amused when off the ice via their mobile devices in a variety of ways.

Playing casino games online is an activity that has really grown in popularity lately. People will value being able to pass the time trying out the latest slots or table games at minimum deposit casinos recommended by AskGamblers, when they are not busy on the ice. As a result, a strong internet connection at your venue is essential to factor in.

Do be clear about tournament rules

If you are going to organize your own Beer League hockey tournament, be sure to spell out the rules clearly beforehand.

If you don’t inform all the players and teams of the rules the event will follow, you are going to create chaos and confusion further down the road. From how ties will be handled to how long periods last and much more, send out the written rules for the tournament to all teams in advance. As with Beer League hockey etiquette, this point is not something to skip.

Do Remeber The Beer

Beer League Hockey is certainly about playing hockey and meeting up with friends, but it’s about beer too. Lots of it usually and the colder the better. Organizing a Beer League tournament means reminding teams to bring the beer with them and maybe even shelling out for some of your own to hand out.

A steady supply — ideally of the best Canadian beer— will generate a better atmosphere at the tournament and mean everyone has a great time. It will also make it a much more social event when teams are hanging out at the rink.

Do think about extra entertainment

If you have the beer situation covered, then most of the entertainment you need at the tournament is covered. Most players will be more than happy chugging away on brews. If you want to push the boat out a bit more though, why not think about some extra entertainment to help your tournament pop off? From live music to DJs and tasty food for players, there are some neat extras you can include.

Do hand out decent prizes for the winning team

We all know that players in the Beer Leagues do it for the love of the game, the chance to hang out with buddies and the alcohol. However, no one wants to spend their weekend getting worked over at a tournament when the winner doesn’t even get a decent prize. To help attract more teams to your event, offer some prizes people might actually want to win. Beer is always good for example and lots of it. A shiny medal or trophy for each winning team member is always a nice addition as well.

Do hand out awards at the end of tournament

A good tip when organizing a Beer League tournament is handing out individual awards as well as prizes for the winning team. This keeps everyone hanging around until the end and avoids people leaving as soon as their team is done. It also creates a community feel and means that it’s not only the winners who feel valued. From tournament MVP to player with most guts, handing out small prizes for individual awards is a great move. Just remember to factor costs like this into your overall budget and the entry fee each team pays.

Do Think About First Aid

Although Beer League hockey does not generally allow checking and doesn’t get too rough, things happen in tournaments. There might even be arguments off the ice once the beer has been flowing a while! This means making proper arrangements for first aid when the tournament is running is always a good idea. Before you ask, a pack of Band-Aids and a clean towel doesn’t quite cut it.

Make sure you or someone else present knows basic first aid and that you have a decent medical kit available. It can be a good idea to know the way to the nearest hospital too if anyone playing needs directions or a lift there.

Arranging Beer League Hockey Tournaments

Playing Beer League hockey is lots of fun and taking part in tournaments is even better. If you want to arrange your very own event, it’s best to think about what this involves first and what best practices there are for putting on a safe, properly run tournament. By following the tips above, you should be able to arrange a well-run event which everyone enjoys. If all else fails, you can just hit the beer and enjoy watching the action unfold on the ice!

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