Beer League Hockey News Archive

Beer league hockey rarely makes news at a viral global level.

But there is occasional beer league news on a local level that we will assemble and report here.

The beer league stories you’ll find here will range from inspirational stories to pandemic-related rule changes to vicious attacks on the ice and the aftermath.

Feel free to submit anything newsworthy to me for inclusion on this page. 

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St. Louis Blues Add Beer League Goalie To Roster

“He had a morning skate today with his beer league guys and he said he was on fire and ready to go, so we’re excited to have him in here,” Armstrong said. “Knock on wood that he’ll remain a 60-minute cheerleader.”

How One Guy, Struggling With Alcohol, Got Sober By Playing Beer League Hockey

You’d think that beer league hockey would be the worst pastime after quitting alcohol, but it’s actually been a great support for sobriety, writes Lyle Mustard. 

The time T-Rex took the ice on his favorite beer league team 

Beer league hockey, for the most part, will never be as good or intense as the hockey you played growing up. That being said, it can still be pretty competitive and it’s always entertaining and fun to get on the ice every week with your friends. It’s even more entertaining, though, when something unexpected happens, like someone taking the ice in a T-Rex costume.

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Proof of vaccination now mandatory for beer league hockey in BC 

Canada’s largest rec hockey league, the ASHL, has confirmed that proof of vaccination will be required to play games in BC. In accordance with the province’s health order announced on Monday, players will need to have one dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine by September 13, and two doses by October 24.

POS beer leaguer attacks kid running the scoreboard 

As the story allegedly goes, the green team was pissed off at the scorekeeper kid because he was trying to keep one of their teammates in the locker room after said teammate allegedly already punched a ref in the game. So you’ve got a ref getting punched, a whole team cornering a kid off the ice, and then some gigantic piece of shit sucker punching the shit out of him. And to make matters worse, the kid ate it like it was medium rare sloppy steak.

Does a hockey stick with holes improve beer leaguers shots? 

The BarDown Beer League group is back and also playing in the ASHL with Canlan Sports! In the group’s very first game back in virtually a year, Corwin re-visits “Handsome Sam’s” garage as well as they attempt to re-create one of the most renowned stick to holes in them, making use of a drill.

A hilarious open letter to a beer leaguer try-hard 

Dear Captain Douchebag,

I regret to inform you that there are absolutely no scouts in attendance at any of your games, your girlfriend does not care how you do, and most importantly, your hockey career is over!

We are all proud of the fact that you played two games in some shitty Junior B league in BFE; however, you do not need to take out your frustrations of being a “never was” on the rest of us.

Like many of the aging beer league heroes, this is my time. This is my one night a week to hang out with the boys, drink a beer, and do something for me. No wife bitching, no kids screaming, just enjoying a solid 90 minutes of ice time followed by a cold, parking lot beer or twelve. Please do not ruin that for us…

How the San Francisco Sea Hawks became the Quebec Nordiques – Then Went Nuts 

The Quebec Nordiques almost didn’t exist. And depending on who you ask, maybe they shouldn’t have existed at all.

In fact, their story begins on the other side of the continent, under the considerably warmer skies of San Francisco, California.

The Nordiques (roughly translated as the “Northerners” or “Northmen”) were originally called the San Francisco Sea Hawks, under the ownership of Gary Davidson, the lawyer and businessman who co-founded and served as president of the World Hockey Association. However, in February of 1972, even the NHL was having issues winning over fans in the Bay Area with the Golden State Seals. At the last minute, Davidson’s team was purchased by a Quebec-based group of businessmen –  Paul Racine, Jean Dacres, and Jean Lesage –  who moved the franchise to the city of Quebec; a city that had been clamoring for a professional hockey team since the old Bulldogs of the NHL in 1920.